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As one of the world’s most consumed beverages, coffee should be enjoyed by everyone.

Why settle for an average cup?

Why not make a great cup?

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Welcome to Luxurious Coffee, your go-to online resource to learn about all the different brewing methods, types of coffees, fun facts, equipment reviews and all the best advice from our passionate team of coffee specialists and enthusiasts.

Whether you are completely new to the wonderful world of coffee, someone who’s intrigued, or an experienced barista, we publish extensive guides to suit all skill levels.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to help everyone appreciate the fine qualities of coffee.

Many people around the world simply don’t realise that they are drinking stale, bitter coffee (especially when masked with sweeteners and milk).

An on the go Cup o’ Joe may very well hit the spot, but there really is no substitute for taking your time. It is our goal to share this message;

Preparation is the key to enjoying coffee.

Grinding whole coffee beans, which are the seeds of the plant, makes for a truly fresh, better tasting coffee. The aromatic oils within the beans can quickly become stale once exposed to oxygen, and therefore bitter.

We recommend opting for whole beans as opposed to pre-ground coffee and always grind only the amount that you need.

With optimal storage of your expensive beans, such as an airtight bag or opaque container in a dark and cool cupboard, you’re half way there on your pursuit to a great tasting coffee. The other half can be picked up in our easy-to-follow guides and articles.

Our Values

1. Encourage creativity within the coffee community

Part of what drives us is encouraging others to experiment with coffee. There are so many different techniques and flavours to be enjoyed that it would be a shame to never experience them.

Every lover of coffee should experience all the fine qualities that coffee beans and the different brewing methods have to offer.

2. Respect the environment

We consider how brewing coffee impacts the environment and take active steps to reduce our footprint.

3. Support ethically sourced coffee

We look for certification systems where possible, and research where our beans are sourced.

Meet the Team

Learn more about our coffee enthusiasts and specialists, along with their experience within the industry.

Cristal Cotton Co-founder at Luxurious Coffee

Cristal Cotton


Cristal’s love for coffee developed after reading The World Atlas Of Coffee by James Hoffman. She soon realised that her usual Cup O’ Joe was actually rather bitter in comparison to one that had been made with freshly ground beans.

After many years of experimenting and learning online about all the different brew methods, types of beans, and intricate details such as grind type, consistency, water type, how tamped the coffee is in the portafilter and much more, Cristal is gradually perfecting the art.

Coffee is one of Cristal’s passions in life, and along with a team of baristas and coffee enthusiasts, she aims to share all this knowledge on Luxurious Coffee.

Contact Cristal: [email protected]

Editorial Guidelines & Publishing Principles

At Luxurious Coffee, our objective is to provide unique, educational and inspiring content to help people to enjoy coffee and also the process of making it.

Our experienced team of coffee professionals and enthusiasts strive to keep our content free of conflicts or ethical concerns. You can read about our values for more information.

If you have any concerns about any of our articles, or how they can be improved, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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